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PrimaJust Program

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About this course

The PrimaJust Program is an 8-week professional weight loss program that will help you lose weight easily and effortlessly. It’ll help you reach your ideal target weight, without diet, exercise or hunger. Every pound you lose will stay off for good.

With this program, you will re-calibrate parts of your subconscious programming that’s resonsible for being overweight. It will result in 100% natural weight loss. Your body will start to burn more fat, you’ll be more energized and you will become thinner.

During the 8 week program this weight loss process will start and it will continue, even after you have finished the program, until you have reached your ideal weight goal. Then you will automatically stay on your new healthy weight.

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Course Structure

Virtual Gastric Power Band 1 Lesson

Virtual Gastric Power Band

The Virtual Gastric Power Band is a non-physical technique, whereby the power of your subconscious mind is used to create a full feeling after eating very small amounts of food.

Control Your Hunger 1 Lesson

Control Your Hunger

With this lesson you will reset your hunger signals. Your stomach and gut feel more comfortable and easy and you no longer feel irresistible hunger pangs at 'non-meal' times. You find that you naturally forget to even think about food between meals and you really begin to enjoy the healthier way you are living.

Wonderful Weight Loss Motivation 1 Lesson

Wonderful Weight Loss Motivation

When people start losing weight, they are usually super motivated at the start. But after a few weeks, the motivation just disappears. This lesson will keep your weight loss motivation high at all times.

Super Metabolism 1 Lesson

Super Metabolism

Your metabolism determines the speed of your fat burning. Over time it has slowed down. The cause is usually an earlier diet. In this lesson we'll restore your metabolism, so you'll start losing fat again and be much more energized.

2 Chapters

Week 3 - Perfect eating habits

Perfect Portion Control 1 Lesson

Perfect Portion Control

People eat too much, because of several reasons. This lesson will help you understand why plus it will give you the inner urge to stop eating when you've satisfied the true physical needs of your body.

Super Slow Eating 1 Lesson

Super Slow Eating

When you eat too fast, you eat too much. This is because the "I'm full signal" that you stomach sends to your brain, is a bit slow by default. With this lesson you'll start eating much slower. As a result, you'll eat a lot less, while still having a full feeling.

2 Chapters

Week 4 - Delete unhealthy habits

Super Sugar Addiction Eraser 1 Lesson

Super Sugar Addiction Eraser

A sugar addiction is a tough nut to crack and it's one of the worst fatteners. In the long run, a sweet tooth can ruin your health and sabotage your attempts at weight loss. This lesson will help you get rid of a sugar addiction automatically, without withdrawal symptoms.

Ultimate Carbs Control 1 Lesson

Ultimate Carbs Control

Carbohydrates are responsible for being overweight and obesity because they are sugars. This lesson will help you to eat fewer carbs on its own, so you will notice how easy it is to lose weight without that carbs overload.

2 Chapters

Week 5 - Create a slim mindset

Super Slim Thinking 1 Lesson

Super Slim Thinking

Following a diet can feel like a constant struggle. One part of you really wants to eat something tasty, while another part of you is fighting to stay on the right path. This lesson will integrate those two conflicting parts, which will give you much more mental rest, while losing weight.

Super Slim Me 1 Lesson

Super Slim Me

There is a big chance that you’ve tried to lose weight with a diet multiple times in the past, and every time you’ve been let down. This lesson will help you develop a rock solid strategy that will help you lose weight fast, without hassle.

2 Chapters

Week 6 - Separate emotions from eating

Erase Emotional Eating 1 Lesson

Erase Emotional Eating

With this lesson you will detach your emotions from the habit of eating. It will start to feel quite natural to keep your emotional and physical needs separated in your mind, and in what you do. This will help you lose weight and you'll start to feel really good about yourself.

Beat Boredom Eating 1 Lesson

Beat Boredom Eating

After this lesson, you will never reach for food again to prevent boredom. From now on, you will tackle boredom in a different healthier way. This gives you more satisfaction and makes losing weight so much easier.

2 Chapters

Week 7 - Love the right food

In week 7 we will...

Happy Healthy Food Lover 1 Lesson

Happy Healthy Food Lover

Many people think they eat healthy, but in fact they were misinformed. This lesson will help you correct that plus it will help you to start eating healthy instinctively for your weight loss success.

No More Snacking 1 Lesson

No More Snacking

No More Snacking

2 Chapters

Week 8 - Shape yourself and stay slim forever

In week 8 we will...

Your Perfect Body 1 Lesson

Your Perfect Body

Your Perfect Body

Stay Slim Forever 1 Lesson

Stay Slim Forever

Stay Slim Forever

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Bonuses 6 Lessons

Happy Healthy Cooking

Happy Healthy Cooking

Banish Fast Food

Banish Fast Food

Beat Binge Eating

Beat Binge Eating

Conquer Comfort Eating

Conquer Comfort Eating

Stop TV Eating

Stop TV Eating

Stop Night Eating

Stop Night Eating