Meet Michel Lejeune,

The Founder Of PrimaJust

My Vision is to help Anyone Lose overweight quickly, effortlessly and For good!

Let’s start my story by going back to where it all began.

A long time ago, when I was about 10 years old, I lived with my mother in an apartment in Amsterdam. It was the 1970s.

As was usual for that era, we had one of those black-and-white tv’s, with 6 round buttons sticking out on the right-side.

One day, to my delight, a tv show about hypnosis came on. This was incredibly exciting, especially for a 10-year old boy.

During the show I saw people running around the stage, clucking like chickens, and doing all other weird stuff. They would eat a lemon, thinking it was an orange, and enjoying it too! And there was more...

"I thought this was the most magical thing on earth,
but I’m not talking about all the weird things the people were doing on stage."

  • I was fascinated about what happened to these people.
  • What caused them to do these things?

An altruist was born

I quickly understood that this stuff was very powerful. I told my mom that when I grew up, I also wanted to do what I saw on the tv. But... I didn’t want to make people do strange things or jump through hoops, but I wanted to help them!

And in my case, this actually happened. Many years later, after studying under a neuropsychologist, under Drs. Jaap Tybout (lecturer in psychology), and numerous studies at the ITAN education institute, I received my international ABNLP/ABH certificate in 2006.

I could now proudly call myself a clinical hypnotherapist.

I founded the company officially in 2007, and I immediately started helping people with one of their biggest problems: obesity and losing weight.

Int. ABH/ABNLP certIFIED ClinicAL HypnotherapISt

Why we are qualified to
help you Lose Weight

The Most Natural Weight Loss Method

Being overweight has a completely different cause than eating too much or exercising too little. We tackle the underlying cause.

We Help You Get a Beautiful Slim body Without a Diet Or Hassle

You will lose weight without dieting, without the need to exercise more and without starving yourself in a super simple way.

More than
97% Success

The majority of our clients actually lose weight, reach their target weight and then remain slim without the yoyo-effect.


We Offer 3 Options That Will Make You
Beautifully Slim And Stay Slim For Good


The PRO Program consists of professionally developed hypnotherapy sessions that you can download to your own device.


The VIP Program is the same as PRO, plus you'll get a program variation that will save you more than 50% time. You lose weight even faster. Perfect if you're in a hurry!

Don't want hypnotherapy?

No Problem!
With the VIP Program you will also get a 100% hypnotherapy-free program variation, as an extra bonus!
It was especially developed for people who don't like hypnosis for whatever reason. And it works extremely well!


The EXTREME Program is the same as VIP, plus you'll get the very special night program variation. It doesn't get easier than this. You lose weight while you sleep!

All PrimaJust Product Variations are suitable for anyone who wants to get rid of excess fat and stay slim for good, without a diet and without starving!

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